Wednesday, January 31, 2007

No Progress

In any other pregnancy, I'm sure this would bum me out, but given our current living situation, I am happy to report that at 37 1/2 weeks, I have not made one ounce of progress towards labor. Caden's head is floating high and everything is closed up tight! Yipee!!

As long as he decides to come on his own eventually... (meaning before 41 1/2 weeks, at which point my doc would insist upon induction...eeeewwwww...)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

1 Month To Go

Our due date is one month from today! I can hardly believe it. We had an appointment today, and all is well. Caden is head down and in position and has dropped a bit already. They went ahead and checked me because I got to see the Nurse Practitioner - who is awesome!! I'm not dialated yet, but I'm effacing already. She didn't say how much, so I'm sure I'll find out where I'm at at my next appointment. I have to say I was relieved. I was worried that she was going to say I'd made a lot of progress, and since I'd like to make it to my due date to ensure that we get somewhat settled in our house, I was nervous. Oh, and I lost 2 pounds since my last appointment! :) That's always a good thing to hear.

I was a little panicked this morning that we might go into labor early - I'm less concerned since my appointment - and decided to go and try and find the infant seat in the garage to no avail...I can't even see it among all of our stuff stored out there. I did however find my boppy, which as small as it seems, I was SO excited about! :) Cary assured me again today that we'll be in the house before my due date, so I'm a little relieved. He's made some huge progress on the house this week. I'm so excited and can't wait to see it, but he says I can't go over there for a while because he wants to surprise me. Isn't that awesome!! :)

I suppose that's it, but I did go ahead and have Cary take a picture of Caden and I to mark our progress. Here we are at 35 weeks and 5 days...1 month to go!!

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Friday, January 12, 2007

Random thoughts on a Friday...

It's 9:22 PM, more than an hour after I put Carson down for the night, and I am listening to him sing himself to sleep...something he has done since he was first born, although way back then it was more of a rhythmic grunting. It's one of my favorite sounds. :) Caden is dancing around in my belly, and if he dances much harder he just might jump right out. I keep having typos as I type this because he is so busy in there. I can't believe we will meet this new little guy in 5 weeks or so. This countdown is flying by. We have another OB appt on Tuesday, although I'm sure we won't find out anything different than we know already. My family is getting rather jumpy already, which is a little entertaining. I make a funny face, and they all want to know if I'm having contractions... We're getting down to the wire I suppose. I think we'll go at least to term, but we'll see. My braxton hicks are getting a lot more consistent, but I don't really think they're doing anything yet. I won't know anyway, because my ob won't check until 38 weeks. Cary is with the youth right now at Wendy's. Fridays are our youth nights. We usually go to Chili's together, but it's snowing a bit, and it is SUPER DUPER cold outside (-2 right now), so they went to Wendy's and I brought Carson home. Tomorrow, he is spending the day working on the house. He finished all of the tile in our kitchen this last week, and it looks so good!

My brother Nathaniel is in town for the next several days, which is wonderful. It's been too long since we've seen him... My family and I are speaking at church on Sunday. We're giving a portion of our group testimony from each persons perspective in order to begin a new counseling ministry that my parents are going to be doing at church. Normally this is something I would be really excited about, but for some reason I'm absolutely dreading it... I guess I'm not looking forward to becoming that vulnerable. I love my family, and I am so thankful for them, but I'm still very much in the processing stage from losing my dad...yes, even 7 years later... Anyway, I'm praying that God will protect my heart and still help me to say the things that he needs me to say.

I guess that's it for tonight....randomness, I know...

Monday, January 08, 2007

a few pictures from Christmas

Carson lounging in his chair:
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being a ham for the camera:
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Giving kisses to his friend Hayden - he was so excited about it, and when he saw her again a few nights later, he wanted to give more kisses without any encouragement at all. Too funny...
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modeling Uncle Mason's shirt with Aunt Steph:
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And with Mr. Potato Head's glasses...this was the first thing he did...
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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

The end is quickly approaching

Well, we have 6 weeks and a few days left until Caden's due date. Today, I made the rest of my appointments with our ob before our due date. We saw him yesterday, and all is well. Caden's heartbeat was good and strong, and our measurements are right on track. I go back in two weeks, then two weeks after that, and then every week following - which only makes for four more appointments. Crazy. I also have the fun exams from now on - yuck...

Carson is doing well, and is quickly adjusting to his normal routine again. I am so thankful for a flexible child. We would never be able to do all of the things we do if he weren't. He is funny as ever, and entertained me this morning by dancing with the Doodlebops (his favorite show) and singing along - although his song sounded much different from theirs. He also spent much of this morning playing his keytar that he got from Auntie Kelsey for Christmas. He LOVES that thing. My foot is doing quite a bit better. I'm able to put some weight on it, and I'm down to one crutch - yay!! I'm trying not to overdo it though - I did yesterday, and I'm paying for it a bit today. I'm encouraged that it is healing quickly. At this rate, I may be mostly back to normal by next week!!

Cary is back into the swing of things on our house. He just told me he is going over there tonight to begin framing and sheetrocking the new closet in Carson's room! Yay!! :) Be praying that he has superspeed in the projects we have left to complete (and that they come easily for him-which I know he will appreciate) so we can get in before Caden's arrival. I know at this point that this may not happen, but I am still praying that it will. I just can't imagine cramming one more person into our room that is already cluttered with everything we need or have collected since we moved in with my parents.