Thursday, July 27, 2006


I can't believe this! We just bid on this home, and it was accepted! So...we just have to get financing in order, and we should be in within a month as long as all goes as expected. Pray that things go smoothly!! It was a forclosure and the people who owned it before were in the process of remodeling. It has 5 bedrooms, an office, 3 bathrooms and 2 living areas. Oh and the whole 2nd story is a master suite! :) The house needs a lot of cosmetic work on the inside and a few appliances, which allowed us to get a great deal on it. Our real estate agent said the day we move in we should have enough equity to buy a small home in Texas if we wanted to flip it! How awesome is that!!!! When we get settled, everyone needs to come visit, and we'll be sure to post before and after pictures as we finish the house up. PRAY, PRAY, PRAY that everything works out and goes smoothly!!!!!

In baby news...I keep forgetting to answer everyone's questions! We are due on February 17th, and are hoping that this baby is born on any day except V-day, so if labor starts on that day, I'm keeping my legs crossed! :) I'm feeling great! In fact, I keep forgetting that I'm pregnant, because aside from my face breaking out and being hungry more often, I really don't have many symptoms at all! I haven't had any morning sickness to speak of, aside from the nagging nausea if I ignore my hunger pains, and I haven't even been super tired. We are almost 11 weeks along, and I can't believe we are already almost in our second trimester.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Day at the Zoo

Josh, Kelly and I took Carson to the Denver Zoo. It is humongous, and it was very, very hot. Carson was such a trooper though! He wasn't fussy at all, and took a nap while we were there. He loved looking at all of the animals, and called everything that had 4 legs a dog. We watched a wild life show, and he shrieked in excitement every time a bird flew. He is so funny! There was also a really cool aquarium and rain forest exhibit building, and a lot of the fish tanks were at his eye level. He would have stayed there all day if we had let him! We had such a fun time!

very tired and looking at the bears:
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one of the bears had just had triplets:
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deciding where to go next:
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Posing by the hippos:
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Monday, July 17, 2006

9 weeks, 3 days

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We had a prenatal appointment today, and all is well! They took two measurements so that we could have an average and the measurements put the baby at 9 weeks, 4 days and 10 weeks, 1 day. The baby seemed like it was sleeping, but wiggled every once in a while when our nurse pressed on it. It's heartbeat was strong, so that's really good. It's really amazing to me how developed babies are at this stage. We talked about all of the stuff that will happen over the next several months, and the hospital seems like it is really nice. I go back at the end of August, and then the next appointment will be my gender ultrasound. How fun!!!

Friday, July 14, 2006

Fun weekend

Well, I'm off! Today my dad, my sisters and I are heading on a father/daughter overnight campout with our church. It should be lots of fun! Cary's on daddy duty, and our friends Josh and Kelly come into town today to spend the week with us. It is going to be so much fun to hang out with them!!! And Kelly and I have already set a date to go shop the Nordstrom's half annual sale! SO FUN!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

14 Months

Carson is 14 months today, and he seems so big! He's such a sweet boy! He loves to play with the dogs and gets so tickled when they play back. He even tried to pick Fisher up today, and Fisher is nearly his size. He cut another tooth this morning and took a step - although I'm pretty sure it was accidental. When he wants to show you something, he'll grab your hand, stand up and then walk (while holding on to you) to what he wants to show you. Almost every time, it is a ball or a stick that he has found. He loves to play and read books and is saying quite a few words now. Whenever he recognizes something in his books like a balloon or a ball or a dog, he'll call it out, and then we have to look at that page for a while because he gets so excited. He's full of personality, so funny, and such a ham! He brings so much joy to our lives!!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

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Digital Camera...$300

Talking someone into taking our picture...$5

Creating a blog entry...10 minutes

Telling you there are really 4 people in this picture...