Thursday, August 25, 2011

New things

Well...God is good!

We have served at Solid Life Church for about 6 years now and have loved every minute of it. We moved to Colorado to be the Youth Pastors at the church and most recently moved into the Worship Pastor position. Through every turn of the road we have felt God had ordained each step and allowed our ministry to flourish under His plan.

All of that being said, we are very excited about the next assignment God has for us.

About 7 weeks ago we sat down before a work trip and discussed with each other our current ministry assignment and if we felt God was changing any of it. We both felt strongly God was speaking to us about a change coming and were very excited, but also very hesitant, as we know change is not always easy. We knew we needed to first make sure it was God speaking and then second talk to our Pastors about our feelings.

For those of you that know us well, you know that moving here meant we were able to be just up the road from most of Melissa's family. You may also know that we have formed amazing friendships...lifelong friendships...and have always felt this is where we would be the rest of our lives. That is what makes these "feelings" we were feeling so difficult. One of the things we asked each other is if we felt we were being moved locally or out of the state. We both felt that a local move was not what was going to happen.

With all of this "feeling" going on we met with our Pastors (Russ and Becky) and shared with them that we felt God was working on our hearts regarding a new assignment. We told them we had no idea where, when, or how but that we needed them to be the first to know.

We then proceeded to do all the things you would normally do when you know where you are moving....we listed our house...started packing...and told our family. All of this without knowing what God had planned but knowing we simply needed to trust that He had it under control.

About a week after speaking with Russ and Becky we spoke to a friend of ours that had a large church and who was losing their Worship Pastor of 8 years due to her getting married and moving out of state. Coincidentally, we found this church through the person their resigning worship pastor was marrying. We began talking to this pastor and his wife about their vision for their church and how we would possibly fit. There is a much bigger more elaborate story about how our conversations went...but our blog would be too long if we went that detail...but trust us...God has a perfect plan!!!

This past weekend we were invited to visit with this pastor and their staff as well as lead worship for their 3 weekend services. The weekend went amazingly and seems to be a perfect fit.

So...we are excited to say that we will be packing up all of our stuff, four kids, two dogs, two cars...and tons of memories and moving to L.A....that is...Lower Alabama!

I know you're thinkin...what??? But after visiting this church and the city where they are planted (Mobile, Al) you would get it. They have such a burden for un-churched people and have done some amazing things to change their world. Check out their website: and make sure you check out their most recent project called "Generations".

I know you will all have tons of questions, so feel free to call us anytime. We love all of you and are very excited about this next assignment! Please pray for us for a couple things:

1. Easy transition for the kids
2. House to sell quickly
3. Melissa's business
4. New home purchase
5. Continual trust in Him

Again, God is good!

Cary and Melissa