Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Hello again.

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted. Although I have had some free time, my computer access has been limited to balancing our checkbook. Thus is life...

We are doing well and are having so much fun with Carson. He is learning new things everyday and has begun to smile in response to us instead of just gas. So fun!!

It looks like I will be returning to work, unfortunately, but hopefully it will just be for the short term. Also, we are considering a move to Colorado to be near my parents. If it works out, I may be able to only work part-time, which would be awesome. I'm having a hard time with the whole work thing, but I'm dealing. I'm taking two extra weeks of vacation starting yesterday, and today, Carson and I are off on an adventure :) We are boarding a plane, alone, and heading to Colorado. I'm so excited!! We are going to be staying with my parents until the 9th. Anyway, there is the quick update, and I hope to update with pictures soon. I hope you all are well and I promise to resume my regular posts soon!!

:) Melissa and Carson.