Monday, November 21, 2005


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. Cary was in Michigan on business all week, and our home computer was at the Dell repair center. Oddly enough, I had been feeling like I had nothing to post about, but when I was without a computer, I had all sorts of things to say. Isn't that how it always goes...

So Carson has learned many new things all of a sudden. He rolled over from his back to his stomach for the first time, so now we are turning circles. He is now a pro sitter-upper. I sat him down on the floor last Tuesday like I always do. Usually he teeters for a bit and falls over before 2 minutes have passed. On this day however, and every day since, he just sat there. In fact, he sat up straight and looked at me, then grabbed a toy and stuck it in his mouth in one foul swoop. I am so proud of him! Now, he prefers sitting to laying, and gets frustrated if I am not quick enough to set him up after he falls over. So funny! We also started a new veggie - sweet potatoes, and he LOVES them!! He went from eating 1/3 of a jar to a whole jar like it was nothing. He's such a good boy!! :)

We've been really busy too. Cary was gone all week, and I had stuff going on every night, which was nice because it made our time apart pass quickly. Then the day he was coming home, he had flowers sent to me. So nice! :) Just because flowers are the best!!! Saturday, we had a hayride party with our church. It was so much fun!! We had hotdogs and chilli and a hoedown band with banjo and washtub, spoons and guitars - too funny. And then we square danced - yeah you should have seen us - and made s'mores. It was so much fun!! Anyway, that is the short version of my weekless posting. Here are some pictures - since Cary was gone, I've been taking pictures like there was no tomorrow! :)

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I know his eyes are closed on this one, but he was laughing so hard, I couldn't pass it up!
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He was so funny sitting up for the first time in the tub. He just kept splashing the water with all of his might and then he would stare at the splashing like "How did that happen???"
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This one is definitely one of my recent faves. He did this over and over again...too funny! :)
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Thursday, November 10, 2005

We have a biter

CAUTION....this may get graphic, so if you are male, or faint at heart....please come back in a day or two for my next post....

Carson bit me....on my boob....three separate times....I screamed and then nearly cried, and quickly smooshed his face into my boob so that he would let go. Don't worry, he was not in danger of suffication, I just had to get him to open his mouth. We're going to see if we can't nip this in the bud, but we may be speeding up this whole food introduction thing. Nipple piercing is NOT something I am interested in, and definitely not by way of small, sharp baby teeth!!! Oh, and the funniest part about it, is that every time he would finally let go, he would grin up at me with those two pearly whites like he had just done something SO funny!! It's a good thing he's cute!!! :)

Monday, November 07, 2005


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't had much to say, I guess, but I have loved reading everyone elses blogs. We've been keeping busy with youth and church and such. We've also been going to my brother Austin's games, which has been fun. He's quarterback on the football team, and indoor lacrosse just started. I'm sure Carson will become a quick fan when he realizes what it is we've been dragging him too. :) Our youth games went really well the other day. We had so much fun! My grandparents were up this weekend too. It was so great to see them. Seeing my family so often is definitely one of the benefits of moving here. Carson is doing well, and growing by leaps and bounds it seems. Cary has closed several more deals with his work lately, which is fantastic, although I'm afraid it means quite a bit of travel in the next few weeks. I don't mind him traveling so much, I just hate it when it's a lot close together or long trips. Oh well... We're hoping that one of his trips will bring him close to his sister so that he can see her while he's away on business....Hi Aunt Em!!! We miss you!!! Well, I suppose that's the gist of our happenings, sorry...this probably isn't of much interest to you all, but here are some pictures to give some oomph to this post :) I know that's why most of you check back here anyway!! :)

Here are some pictures from lunch right before my brother's football game last weekend:
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