Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve


We've had such a wonderful Christmas and holiday season! We are so incredibly blessed. It has been awesome spending time with my family while my siblings are here, although we miss our family that we couldn't be with this year. We've had an awesome 2009...the best year yet, I think, even in spite of my accident. God is always sufficient. I have lots of pictures from Christmas that I need to share, but I have yet to pull them off of my camera, so until then, this one will have to suffice, and I suppose it's fitting. :) It is from the back of our Christmas card this year. I hope you all have lots of fun ringing in the new year tonight!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is coming....

And I am SO not ready!! In fact, I haven't really purchased any of the gifts on my list, give or take an odd thing I've picked up here and there. SO BAD! I know it's because I can't drive, and am dependent on Cary to get around that I have yet to even begin, but it is driving me crazy! So, tomorrow, we begin...and I plan to finish too! Then, I will wrap my heart out, probably just in time for the wrapping paper to be removed. I'm so thankful for Christmas gifts that arrived this week from Cary's family so our tree could serve it's purpose. :) It's allowed it to really feel like Christmas around here, in spite of my lack of preparation. In light of all of the holiday-ness, or lack there of... I am ever grateful for my life, and my boys, Cary especially....for the blessing of salvation and a life worth living that Jesus provided for us. I'm so blessed to have our family surrounding us, and so lucky to share the abounding blessing in Jesus with our boys. This year especially, even with my remaining gimpy-ness, I am aware of my thankfulness.

My brother and sister (and my brother's gorgeous and sweet girlfriend) arrive tomorrow, and I can't wait to spend the week with them! It will be so nice! We have many Christmas celebrations in store, so I know this week will fly, but I plan on treasuring every minute! Okay, off to bed for me, and it's far too late, but because a post is always better with a picture, here is a sweet quiet moment (they don't show up very frequently!) of Caden from Christmas pictures I took with the boys yesterday for our cards. I know...last minute like everything else this year. :)